KellyChickadee Farm is owned and operated by Kelly Gelino and Sebastian Aguilar. Kelly and Sebastian first met as apprentices on a CSA farm in 1997 and have been farming together ever since. They are also the proud parents of their three children, Emma, Ezra and Noah.

Kelly grew up in Minnesota and Michigan and graduated from UM with degrees in english and woman’s studies. After college and traveling through Europe, she followed her passions for good food, medicinal plants and sunshine to New Mexico where she decided to experience farming and has been hooked ever since. She is a master at creating beautiful flower gardens, keenly observing the insect life of the farm and diligently accomplishing whatever the farm calls for – all on top of  being a mom extraordinaire!

sebastianSebastian grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and first experienced the magic of gardening with his Papy (Grandpa) in France. Papy was a meticulous and avid gardener and Sebastian’s childhood summers with him collecting mulch, making compost and caring for the tools are some of his favorite memories. Sebastian is a geek for farm planning and farm efficiency on a small scale and thrives when he’s playing with his mechanical weeding tools. Sebastian also loves to teach about  farming and for three years was the lead instructor for new farmers at the Organic Farm School in Greenbank, WA. He continues to assist the Organic Farm School part time as well as volunteers as a board member for the Organic Seed Alliance.